Zoom classes aren’t that bad…..

Much as we’d like to get back into the studio to teach, we all know there are very good reasons why it’s not safe to do so. Our current pilates timetable remains the same on Zoom with classes every weekday morning and evening.

There are some advantages to Zoom, and we even have some international clients or people who have moved away from the area, who continue to join us. I hope that they stay with us and I’m enjoying learning about the different places they live.

It’s been really nice to see classes gell together on Zoom, after all we’re all in the same boat! I try not to mute people when I teach as it feels that we can communicate more easily and have a bit of a laugh like we use to do in the studio.

For the very vulnerable people who are unable to leave their homes, we can offer a reassuring weekly routine with Zoom pilates classes, enabling people to see the friends they use to see in the studio. As time goes on, it’s hard to remember what it ‘use to be like’ before the pandemic and maybe Zoom allows us to hang onto the memory of the way it use to be?

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