July 3, 2020


Deep tissue


Re-align, RELAX &
move more freely

Soft Tissue Therapy (also known as Sports Massage) is the skilled manual manipulation of the soft tissue of the body (muscle, tendons, ligaments, fascia) to help restore normal tension. This allows the body to realign and move more freely, relieving compensations and pain.

At your first session we will discuss your medical history and specific problems. Each treatment will be an hour long and we may provide exercises for you to continue at home.

Soft Tissue Massage Wickham
Soft Tissue Massage | Sports Massage
Massage Wickham

has many benefits...

Soft Tissue Therapy is not just for sports injuries. It can benefit a huge range of conditions, help overcome stress related tension, increase flexibility, reduce chronic pain, help aid recovery from accident, and injury – and much more.

vicky martin

Vicky has worked as a Soft Tissue Therapist since 2005 and also teaches pilates. She has worked with professional sports teams but now spends most of her time helping people with postural and day to day aches and pains

Massage Prices

can help with:

biomechanics | misalignment issues | postural problems | tension headache and migraine | upper back and shoulder pain | neck pain including wry neck and whiplash | lower back pain, one-sided or whole back | pelvis imbalance and rotations | pins-and-needles | numbness | heaviness of arm | irritable bowel syndrome | injured muscles | strains and sprains | achilles tendon pain | plantarfasciitis | tennis and golfers elbow | calf and shin pain | sciatic pain| bursitis| piriformis syndrome| growing pains (e.g. Osgoods Schlatters)

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