July 3, 2020


Matwork & Reformer


What is

Pilates is an exercise system that concentrates on developing physical and mental health. It exercises the whole body through a range of mat and equipment based exercises. The entire muscular-skeletal system is re-balanced, improving muscle strength and flexibility.

Muscles that stabilise joints can become weak and underused, which means the body uses other muscles instead, which then become overused and injured resulting in pain. Pilates increases the strength of stabilising muscles thus improving posture and reducing pain.

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Matwork Classes

Our Pilates matwork classes incorporate a range of exercises using a mat and small pieces of equipment. A specific progression of exercises ensures that movement of the whole body is mindful and controlled. All directions of movement are covered, as well as activation of the small muscles around the joints to help strengthen and stabilise the body. Matwork exercises combine standing, lying and sitting.

Equipment may include light weights, foam rollers, mini inflated balls and flex bands to help challenge the body with resistance, weight and balance.


Our Reformer Pilates involves a frame and carriage which places you in the correct position and then challenges your strength and stability against spring resistance. Exercising with the reformer is possible for anyone, at any level of fitness – from beginner to elite sports person. It’s a great way of learning the basic principles of Pilates and is often used in conjunction with our matwork Pilates classes

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We also have a stability chair which challenges stability in a more functional way, with you standing and sitting. The chair works with spring resistance like the reformer, but the pedal can be fixed so the legs or arms work together – or it can be split to work each side independently. Ideal if you have a weaker side!

Pilates &
Massage mix

Sometimes it works well to release soft tissues (such as muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia) before a massage to allow you to move more freely. We offer bespoke packages where you can mix a Sports Massage with a session of Pilates matwork, reformer or stability chair. These sessions can be an hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours long.

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Zoom Pilates Classes


We have been running classes on Zoom since lockdown began so if you’re shielding or would prefer a virtual class, you can still join in.

All the classes in our current studio timetable are live streamed on Zoom so just get in touch to book in and have the necessary links sent.

Power pilates

If you are a pilates enthusiast and want more of a challenge POWER PILATES will help you! It’s a fast moving, advanced class but still focusing on stability of joints, abdominal control and good stretching techniques.

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Pilates Prices

Matwork Class

£9 in advance
£10 drop in (1hr)

Reformer 1:1

per 1hr session

Matwork 1:1

per 1hr session

Pilates/Massage 1:1

per 1hr session

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