September 26, 2020


Train your mind



Would you like to know how to overcome your distractions?

Within every person’s mind there is an endless source of inner peace and happiness. The problem is most of us don’t believe it or don’t know how to tap into it!

In this course you will learn:

  • The importance of mindfulness in meditation
  • Ways to use these method to experience greater peace and happiness
  • How to integrate meditation and mindfulness into your daily life

Everyone is welcome. Suitable for all levels of experience. 

IN PERSON (limited capacity)

LIVE ONLINE (via Zoom webinar – no camera is needed from your side) & on demand available for 7 days.

Anne Lamerton

Teacher from Kadampa Meditation Centre, Southampton

I began my meditation journey about 8 years ago, just wanting to feel happier, calmer and less reactive. I quickly began to experience the peaceful effect of regular meditation, and I found myself being more patient with my children and more tolerant with others!

I study under the guidance of Gen Lekma in our Teaching Training Programme and have been a teacher with Kadampa for nearly 6 years, teaching regular classes and courses both in Southampton and Winchester. I also currently work with the marketing team in the Southampton Kadampa Meditation Centre.