July 3, 2020

Foot health

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Foot Health…

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At Wickham Wellness Studio, we’re keen to promote wellness from the ground up, and that means starting by taking a bit more care of our feet. Feet can have a hard time of it, taking  our weight, getting us around, being stuck in uncomfortable shoes… and often being thoroughly neglected. Leaving our feet to their own devices can result in all sorts of problems (most of which are pretty unsightly and some which can be very painful). A visit to our in house Foot Nurse can turn your feet around and put a spring back in your step!

Carol Howse Foot Health Practitioner

Carol Howse


Foot Health Practitioner

“I spent years suffering from foot pain myself, receiving all sorts of treatment which piqued my interest in a foot-related change in career. I trained as a Foot Health Practitioner (I think of myself as a foot nurse) and thoroughly enjoy my work.  The emphasis is on all round foot ‘health’. I am not a beautician and I am not a surgeon, however   I use instruments & equipment to work on callus, corns, cracked heels and thickened & damaged nails which can reduce pain, ease discomfort and make your feet look a lot nicer too.  

I’ve been practicing for over 5 years in and around Portchester and now am very pleased to be working at the Wickham Wellness Studio too. You can make an appointment on Thursdays and I look forward to seeing you and your feet very soon!”

Contact me on 07813 526569

Foot health prices

30 min session
1 - 2 ailments


45 min session
2 - 3 ailments


60 min session
3 - 4 ailments


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