July 20, 2020


Pilates Equipment

For Sale…

Although we do provide equipment for all classes, you can also buy each of the different items that we use from our studio shop. You’re more than welcome to bring your own equipment along to your classes to use (particularly during these times of social distancing) and having your own mat and blocks means you can practice at home too. If there’s something you’d like, either ask when you’re next at a class or drop us a line and we’ll make sure we have the item(s) ready for you.

Sitting block


Head block
(30.5cm x 20.5cm x 2.5cm)


Yoga brick


Flexband medium


Flexband strong


7in inflatable flexball


10in inflatable flexball


12in inflatable flexball


Foam Roller


Fitness Circle lite


Pilates Mat (10mm)


Kids Grip Socks


Adult Grip Socks


KT Myofascial Tape


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